Quotable (#81)

Hollywood brings its signature brand of coke-fueled opportunistic delirium to China watching:

But with great opportunity, comes great cost. Assessing the upside of doing business in China and its risks, [Relativity founder and CEO Ryan] Kavanaugh said: “China is the most capitalist place I’ve ever seen. It’s as capitalistic if not more capitalistic than the U.S. It doesn’t happen to be a freedom of speech society. It’s a communist society, and you have to live by their rules. … It is the single most capitalist place there is. There is more venture capital, more investment, more real estate growth — you name the industry and there are people just clamoring to grow with it. The government doesn’t want it to stop. They want to see growth, they want to see capitalism occur. They just divided capitalism and freedom of speech. Or capitalism and communism. They’re not tied.”

(What do those last two sentences even remotely mean?)

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