Quotable (#62)

This phenomenon deserves more attention:

There are already too many proposed causes for the secular decline in crime, but I can’t resist suggesting one more. A couple of months ago Nydwracu asked me whether it could be related to the secular decline in testosterone. The answer turns out to be “Maybe”. […] This secular decline in testosterone is pretty dramatic. Our best source is A Population-Level Decline In Serum Testosterone Levels In American Men, which finds that from 1987 to 2004, average testosterone declined from 501 ng/dl to 391 ng/dl, with an even more dramatic decline in bioavailable levels of the hormone. That’s about minus 1% per year. […] No one knows exactly why this is happening. …

2 thoughts on “Quotable (#62)

  1. Basically every young man today is like a seventy year old of fifty years ago. Of course crime is going to decline! Not to mention fertility.

    Considering Japan and anime, and similarly comparing today’s movies with movies of fifty years ago, I conclude the problem is metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply … that we live in a female dominated culture.

    Of course I could be mixing up cause and effect. But throughout my lifetime I have observed a steady tendency for women to be ruder to men, for example interrupting their bosses or husbands and talking over them, and men to be more respectful to women.

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