Quotable (#156)

There’s going to be a lot of embarrassment to share out, when this nonsense blows over:

The truth is, the Bitcoin community is not just sceptical of anyone who claims Satoshi’s throne – it is resentful. The mystery of Satoshi and the democratising effect of there being no known founder has long been a central feature of the currency. Garrick Hileman, of the Cambridge Centre of Alterative Finance, is worried about the implications of Wright’s claim. ‘Satoshi as an absentee landlord was useful, it allowed entrepreneurs and innovators to take ground – and that may well be gone now. We’ve seen the old man behind the curtain – he’s no longer the wonderful wizard of bitcoin.’

(Via dmf.)

More delusion in the same vein, here. (Also, less delusion.)

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  1. SecuriTay ‏@SwiftOnSecurity May 2
    tl;dr Craig Wright’s blog post claiming to be Satoshi is written to sound authentic to reporters but is just a bunch of hand-waving bullshit

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