Quick Links (#3)

Bill Callahan asks Chinese intellectuals what they make of the ‘China Dream’ (video).

Taobao bans Bicoin.

Turning buildings into screens. (The Pudong skyline notwithstanding, there’s still much to come, apparently.)

Joseph Chamie, a former director of the United Nations Population Division, doesn’t expect Chinese demographic trends to bounce back much from the relaxation of the ‘one child’ policy. His article concludes: “Finally, irrespective of China’s decisions to relax its one-child policy, fertility is not likely to increase markedly in the foreseeable future. Major forces pointing to continuation of low Chinese fertility include increasing urbanization, smaller and costly housing, expanding higher education and career opportunities for women, high financial costs and time pressures for childrearing, and changing attitudes and lifestyles. China may soon discover, as many countries have concluded, raising low fertility rates is more challenging than reducing high fertility.”

Tempers fray across the East China Sea. (Is this the scariest place in the world?)

‘Spengler’ reflects on affinities between Chinese and Jews.

A profile of Edge-editor John Brockman.

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    • Populations at the high parental-investment end of the r/K spectrum seem to be very vulnerable to population implosion under conditions of advanced modernity, regardless of complicating social factors.

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