Quick links (#21)

A better deal for Chinese savers. Austro-Chinese cycle theory. Snake-eyes time in Macau. Here come the pun police (it’s a tradition). SOEs still suck. China’s future gets deeper. Shopping in Detroit.

An Asian Golden Age. Greece on the cusp. The Swiss go soft.

Global oil markets in chaos.

Regulatory asphyxiation in America. The Moore-Andreessen rotary motor. Circular growth. OLX. Uber. The slow death of blue.

The Skynet schedule. Drone anarchy. Genetic enhancement. Neurology of VR. Facial recognition and civil liberties (2012). Deep machine learning. Algorithmic trading. Blockchained AI. Musk’s dark dreams. Choose your flying car.

Downfall of the USA. Capitalism at work. Against the gentry. A libertarian defense of liberalism. A left-liberal defense of Assange, and denunciation of tech-sexism. Leftier perspectives on labor and race, people that matter, the right to speak, philanthropy, activism, the end of capitalism, and Empire (the book). Beyond left and right?

When did the industrial revolution begin? Gay germ hypothesis. Ebola’s vulnerabilities. Driven to defect.

Time is running out.

Euler’s identity. Excavating ENIAC. Archaeology of a slogan. IJ Good in conversation. Turing on the big screen (1, 2, 3). Decloaking aliens (plus, Martian nukes).

Another major Speculative Realism book on the launch pad. Semantic apocalypse (“You are not so radical as you think. In fact, you are nothing at all”). After nihilism. The wife of Augustine. Zizek and the void. Sounds of dark matter (plus Gamble and Heatsick). Interstellar decadence. Schizoculture revisited. Malign velocities in the LARB (plus Accelerationism in SF). Memory Slam. Templexity in classic atheist SF. Twin Peaks and True Detective.

What happened to neo-expressionism?

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    • The selection criterion is basically: whatever washes up on the beach. (Capitalism’s fundamental incompetence at self-promotion is a topic of great interest in itself.)

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