Quick links (#18)

Foreign Policy / Tealeaf Nation China round-up. The price of Chinese social media. Chinese gold. More FTZs.

Lin Yutang on legalism (1930). Legalist influence in ancient India.

The Eurasian economic model, plus: Putin at Valdai. Sardinian sovereignty shopping.

Japan is scaring people.

Things fall apart.

Photos from Chang’e 5T1. A new space race for the Asian Century. Mars colonization in five steps. Jack Parsons coming to TV.

The solar power curve. (Is shale oversold?)

Cloud robotics. DeepMind (and more on Neural Turing Machines).

Everything nano.


The business logic of online education, plus MIT open courseware. VR enters education.

Growth rate and structure of the first Industrial Revolution.

Smuggling secrets. Google less trusted than the NSA.

Paris Salon Exhibitions: 1667-1880.

Jehu on the disinterested proletariat.

Tentacle tech (2012).

Posthuman economics, information guerrillas, murder cities, and urban cannibalism.

Gibson chat on writing and time.

Latour and politics.

PoMo is so over. (Plus, Utopian Realism.)

The New Right finds Fisher.

Celan meets Heidegger.

Dioramas of devastation.

A new phase for Many Worlds?

Life at the edge of quantum weirdness.

Brits are born for gloom (but … drones).

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