Quick links (#16)

The highly-informative, chart-heavy Heritage report on what rising Asia means to America is a great resource. More data, sifted for sensationalism, here.

How strong are the linkages between real estate and other sectors in China? (Strong enough for serious concern.)

Putin’s popularity in China.

Enigmatic developments in North Korea.

The coming blockchain company. (Part of a generalized decentralized computing revolution?)

Neuromorphic chip-architecture arrives.

On the Marxist contribution of turbo-capitalism. Automation and class struggle. Plus some other (more amusing) communist stuff.

Fukuyama is still doubling-down on democracy.

Topographically speaking, there are only four types of city.


A deft portrait of Robin Hanson.

On deep and long time thinking.

Are we really conscious? (How attention is mistaken for awareness.)

Human distinctiveness.

Speculative Realism blows up. (It’s a lot of fun, whatever emerges from the rubble.) More. Vaguely related (but ultimately far more interesting): Bleak Theology.

Space-Ape RIP.

An archive of player piano music rolls in Midi format.

The best ghost stories, and SF selections by philosophers.

Terry Gilliam discusses The Zero Theorem.

Blade Runner deleted scene, “Two old blade runners trying to grapple with metaphysics.”

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