Quick links (#14)

China’s baby bust. (But the robot population is set to boom.)

Chinese Capitalism: less statist than commonly believed?

If read between the lines, this might be the least bad article on the Hong Kong disturbances UF has seen yet (which isn’t saying much).

Neo-Secessionism in America.

Odd news from Russia.

The ebola threat.

Defending environmentalist panic.

Is the Internet hurting your brain? (It’s certainly annoying the Left, 1, 2, 3.)

A science and ideology debate.

Ray Bradbury: I am afraid of people.

Noises of the earth. An introduction to Soundscape Ecology (including numerous embedded audio files).

New history wars.

Einstein’s Spinozism (video).

The (visual) art of Franz Kafka.

Some words from Werner Herzog.


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