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  1. I get why would this guy wants to claim that the Hebrew for “sign” is את (aleph tav) rather than אות (aleph vav tav), which is the way it’s always spelled in the Torah. After all, את = alpha omega = beginning end = shorthand for God; in the New Testament Jesus is the Word (= sign) and the Word is God. But the author just glosses over any possible lexical justification for dropping the ו from אות to make את. So I looked elsewhere, which took me to messianic Judaism websites. Here’s the best I can figure: The letter ו by itself means “and,” which is true enough. And so, it is argued, the ו stuck into the middle of אות serves merely as a conjunction: א and ת, or את. But ו is a legit element of an alphabetic system, and so its meaning is determined by its interrelationships within the specific string of letters in which it appears. The contention that vav means “and” is like asserting that the meaning of the letter “i” in an English word is “myself;” e.g., “it” = myself + t; “similar” = s + myself + m + myself + lar, etc. etc. Or that the meaning of the letter string “a-n-d” always means conjunction: “candy” = c + y, handicraft = h + craft. Land = L + …? But it’s an interesting piece. I’ll read the rest later; I just got hung up on the devil in the details.

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