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  2. Yes indeed! The “electrocene” was coined during Dan and Nandita Mellamphy’s keynote at Tuning Speculation 2 last November (during the Q&A). I know you were intent on following TSpec2 though probably frustrated by the lame network connection we suffered for the duration. I’m slowly posting all the talks from both editions here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCICj6sAERbkoMGd2L9nQO6A/videos

    It was truly an astounding event—I really hope you can join us in the future! A mètically crafted templex should do the occultural trick… En attendant, the tantalizing schedule: http://www.theocculture.net/tspec/registration

    All the best from the phonoccultural capital of Toronto,

  3. Actually, we use it at the very beginning of our lecture—Dan thought-it-up in the rough-drafts of an earlier essay, but it first gets presented (via Yours Truly) in the Agorithmic Agartha keynote itself: Se7eN minutes and Twenty-ei8ht seconds into the recording that is posted-up on vimeo (http://vimeo.com/117054449 @ 7m28s) … But you’re right, Marc: we discuss it again in the Q&A with Ed, Eleni, Scott, Nicola, &c. (Ed Keller, Eleni Ikoniadou, Scott Wilson, Nicola Masciandaro & all the wonderful folks participating in your three-day TSpec2/TS2_2014 extravaganza). Can’t wait until next year’s @tunement!—Cheers! N

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