Quotable (#8)

Writing in e-flux, Franco Berardi Bifo excitedly ties a number of accelerationism-related topics together. Explicitly linking accelerative “semiocapitalism” to the fiat currency era, he tracks the dot pattern forward into neuropharmacological collapse:

William Burroughs has said that inflation is essentially when you need more money to buy fewer things. It’s simple: you need more and more signs, words, information, to buy less and less meaning. It is hyper-acceleration used as a crucial capitalist tool. When Marx speaks of relative surplus value, he’s speaking about acceleration: if you want a growth in productivity — which is also a growth in surplus value — you need to accelerate work time. But when the main tool for production ceases to be material labor and becomes cognitive labor, acceleration enters another phase, another dimension, because an increase in semiocapitalist productivity comes essentially from the acceleration of the info-sphere — the environment from which information arrives in your brain.

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