Quick links (#6)

How money moves out of China.

‘Spengler’ on demography and geopolitics. Also at ATOL, tail risk.

An interview with Li Ka-shing.

Bitcoin for little children. (Focused on the solution to the double-spending problem.)

How can we do anything of importance without building a space elevator first?

The death of privacy on the Internet is a political catastrophe wrote Evgeny Morozov (last October). Kevin Kelly is more relaxed (although the way “we define ourselves as humans” has to change).

The ‘state of exception’ is just the state.

Returns of Ouroboros. Also, time-looping with tape.

Recalling Heinlein’s ‘speedtalk‘ in an age of computer-accelerated language.

How ‘Neoliberals’ think. (Among the more insightful critiques.)

Beyond ‘bad philosophy’. (This kind of “the-truth-is-not-enough” pseudo-Medieval decadence is increasing popular — which doesn’t say anything good about the state of the West today.)